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Date Published: November 12, 2013

Small experiences in my life leave me with powerful lessons. Formed as an Economist, I have a knack for simplifying into models and grasping the gist of situations.

I don’t have rules about drinking because there’s no energy pulling me towards it now. I’m funnier and more relaxed when I’m not concerned people think I’m tipsy. Also, it’s safer and healthier not be drinking too much.

I felt like I was at an undergrad party one weekend ago at a local restaurant. A DJ was playing and the dance floor was hot. I ended up drinking more than I wanted to. Why? I didn’t go to the bar to get more drinks, they were brought to me. Had I been asked “Do you want to drink more?”, I would have said no! I was instead asked if I wanted Malbec or something else.

I find this fascinating. I realized how we get caught in paths we would not have taken because we are evaluating the wrong question. Another drink? No. Malbec or beer? Malbec.

The next morning I realized I didn’t remember every single moment as vividly as I usually do. (No! I wasn’t drunk mom!!) I only want to be extremely clear and present in my life. New rule on drinking: don’t accept drinks from others. Do I feel guilty or ashamed? NO! That would add more static to my energetic body. I am delighted I saw the trigger. Next time I’m faced with this situation, I will be at ease and empowered to take a strong stance.

As a general lesson, I want to make sure the decisions I make are ultimately arising from the core. Will you LIKE this post or SHARE it? Hopefully, you realized what the relevant question is for you. ; )

Love, light and laughter!


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