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Date Published: September 29, 2017

You should do a Ted talk!, a friend suggested this year.

So I went within and stated: “If I’m meant to do one, then let me receive a message this week.”

Three days later, as I was checking my son into the Children’s hospital for a foot xray, I got an invitation to submit my idea to Tedx Pinamar.

I had knocked on a door and it opened. So, naturally, I said YES.

As I filled in the application to be considered, I saw the beauty of why I was being called there. My grandparents had one of the earliest houses there, vacationed there with my dad. My parents also got married in Pinamar! What a magical experience to ignite my giving back to the World from this space: honoring my ancestors and sharing what life has so delightfully given me since I left and became a citizen of the World.

I made a video from my heart and sent it. No edits. Synchronistically, it was exactly the length they had asked for.

What happened? I allowed what was in alignment to truth and value. I am grateful I can offer this gift.

I know that alone I am whole, and with you I overflow. In the space of giving a deep divine flow gushes through us.

Until Nov 3, I will be focused on my presentation as an offering for simple, clear, playful, powerful wisdom to come through for Humanity. “La Alquimia de Vivir Jugando”. So authentic to what I am and a result of many years of inner work, outer explorations, and consistent work.

If you feel called and aligned to his message, I would love to share with you the magic and receive your feedback and suggestions.

If you know a person or company who likes to support ideas, innovation and sponsor Tedx Pinamar, let me know. Thank you so much!

There is a vast garden I have seeded patiently and quietly; it is sprouting. I have been powerfully unwrapping gifts to enable you to unwrap yours. Why? We are meant to live a life of joy and creation and through that heal the World. It’s time. Yes. It’s Now.

Thank you for seeing me in my Light.

I see you in your beauty and inner treasures.

I know You.

We are One.

Uni Ted.

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