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Date Published: February 19, 2016

I knew there was something succulent to clear up. I was having a few sleepless nights and I scheduled a call with my current go-to Healer. What happened? My ego saw itself in the session. It felt Humbled and Raw. Somewhat hurt and ashamed.

The more I clear old programming and abide in Love, there is a part of me that expects to find fewer densities within me. Yet I have come to understand that the more I can hold a True space of compassion, the deeper pockets will have the courage to show up to be loved and washed away.

As the process unfolds, it becomes uncomfortable to be with myself. Specially if I am with my kids and tired. Even though I am fully aware of how to clear my energy field and I do it regularly, at times when I tap into certain densities I Forget. It’s like being a scared child again trapped by some experience. Re-educating that darkness is necessary. That’s why it’s so beautiful to have other’s we trust hold space for us at times.

So I am reminded to hold myself gently. Relax into the tension, allow and tap into my Heart center. Allow a gentle flow of light to cleanse me.

I go to a space of Gratitude….

+ That another pattern is found and resolved!

+ For the courage to explore what wants to be played out; to expose it and hold space for it to clear.

+ For the deepening Compassion for my own humanity and that of the World.

Ego HumbledSo the Ego, who thought it was driving, bows down and invites divine flow to resume. Take it all. Clean me. Guide me. It is easier to breath now and be taken by the One.

It is in that gentle balance of acknowledging the program, feeling it and bathing it with the Light of Purity and Healing where we find Grace. As we keep the Heart open with gratitude in a supportive environment, the flow takes us to Higher Ground.

May our journeys be guided by the Highest Light and nurtured with deep compassionate Love.

Love, Light and Laughter!


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