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Date Published: August 10, 2013

I saw the blaring emptiness in my house and felt the stabbing pain of aloneness when my kids went to New York at the beginning of this month. Quite unexpected. It’s been a gift to stay in town without them and face this realization. Being on my own is something I look forward to and I always find something exciting to do, think or be. That’s not enough.

We live in societies where it is normal to be off on our own; we live surrounded by neighbors who remain strangers. In the past, communities were small and stable offering a support system and integration. Geographic mobility and the Internet have made these islands flourish. I grew up in a large and tight knit family which made me feel loved and contained even when we were moving and traveling extensively. Exposed to different cultures, I always felt that I didn’t completely belong anywhere. At the same time, I knew every place, experience and people became a part of me.

Since graduating from University 14 years ago, I have packed up and pulled out my roots several times. I have lived in Buenos Aires, Chicago, London, New York and I’m currently based in Miami. I’m used to meeting new people and saying goodbye to dear friends and I realize I have kept on that habit even though I haven’t moved in over 4 years. My days are social; always meeting new people with whom I connect with on a sincere heart level.

There are so many beautiful people in my life that I admire and adore!!!! In the silence of my home, my soul cried out… “where are they!!?” This week I went through the deep guttering pain of separation that we create here on Earth. We are One (all made up of magic dust, source, God, Universe) but how we see life makes us feel separate, different, and disconnected. I cried out that pain from every cell in my body.

I sense a deep yearning and need to relate on a soulful level to community and tribes; to be connected on a regular basis. I DO have it!!! It’s in my family and friends, my yoga and gym classes, my spiritual family, the neighbors at the local Starbucks, my Toastmasters club, the friends I’ve made in the start up community at LAB Miami and Women’s conferences. Thank you!!!!

The beauty of life happens when we nurture each other and open up in a safe environment to bring our energies together and create our inspirations. What does that mean!??! We are here to honor each other and bring out our unique gifts to make this World a happy and abundant place for everyone. The power of together! That requires us to be responsible for our own growth and connect with people who have shared visions.

We need vulnerability and intimacy to bring out our true empowered self and community can help us get there. We’re not the islands in the ocean of love. We ARE the ocean.

I love you. I’m with you. Let me know how you feel.


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