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Changing your name as an adult… Come on! How reasonable is that? Ridiculous. What’s the point in loosing that by which people identify you!?

When I got married at 24 in Buenos Aires, I didn’t change my last name. Why would I? I was still the same individual, I wasn’t anyone’s property and who would recognize me with a different last name? Getting divorced 10 years later was slightly less traumatic because I was still my name. Nothing to divide, negotiate, reject or justify. Me is mine. Just fine.

Ok. ok. So if this is Mena now talking to you, what happened to Jimena?!

1) I have to FEEL my name.

As I jumped into the world of spirituality, I was exposed to people changing their names. Ram Dass (formerly Richard Alpert) is an example of an american contemporary spiritual teacher who took on an Indian name. It’s customary for Guru’s to give their students a name when they become initiated. Last summer I was at an ashram in California and Baba Hari Dass gave me a name: Nayana of Durga, the ego slayer. : ) I loved the association to a fierce goddess!

My stance on life is complete freedom and direct connection to the Universe, God, Grace, the infinite or whatever name we choose for the unknown power that governs our existence. I had no interest in taking on a name given to me. It was a flat note. Interesting but no thanks.

One day I was meditating and the name Mena Ray came to me. Wow!! It blew my mind away and I could just feel my body alive in it’s vibration. It was an instant success. It will be the pen name for my best selling intimate diary… ; ) To be published when the time is ripe.

2) Can people pronounce it?

Hemayna. Gemena. Or Nothing! My name would be butchered or abandoned on many occasions. Aware of my challenge, I gave my sons names that can be said easily in english, spanish, french and portuguese: Benjamin and Sebastian. Too late for me I thought on many occasions… Why didn’t my parents give me an easier name!? Actually, it was perfect. I simple take out the JI from the beginning and bingo…

Read the word ‘men’ and then ‘ah‘. Can you say it? Mena! Thank you.

3) It has a powerful meaning.

In my heart my name represents the balance of the masculine and feminine. The merging of the strength of the male and the compassion of the female. Also the union of Heaven (spirituality) and Earth (material life).

I believe spirituality and abundance go hand in hand. When we are detached from material things and we don’t think we ARE based on what we have, we can embrace the amazing creations of this Earth. I embrace success and abundance in my life to have the resources to channel higher consciousness. Money is power and with it we can make a difference.

I am empowered to MENAFEST in my life. How cool is that!? Where I focus, flow and practice determines the success and happiness in my life. That’s the inspiration behind Are You Here Yet?

4) It represents the free me!

I can detach from my past as Jimena (and embrace it with huge appreciation!). What I have accomplished in the past is NOT an indicator of what I can create NOW and in the future. As I remove fear and all limitations I can create infinite possibilities and menafest my dreams. So can you!!! Hearing a fresh name gives me freedom and breaks the association to the sleepy me.

My name is Mena.

It’s official on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, and on my business card. My kids are still practicing and they love it. My passport and credit cards might be outdated for a while.

You can call me by my phantom name; It’s ok to let go too!! I invite you to jump out of your comfort zone. You’ll get used to it soon.

Just call me.


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