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Date Published: November 18, 2013

My throat feels coarse and I clear it often. Cold? Flu? Intense partying on the weekend?! No. None of that.

A lot has changed this last month and since I carry the flag of truth and transparency it has made me slightly uncomfortable and less communicative. Evidence of this… I have written two posts during this time!

When is it time to make things right? Now.

It comes natural for me to share my life and insights. I can be raw and just put it out there, hoping to inspire people to break away from judging themselves and others. What you see is what you get with me always; except lately I have been slightly misleading on my blog and Facebook.

My relationship status says Single.

When are we the most vulnerable in our life? When our heart opens up and our soul stands naked. Some people suggest: Keep it quiet!!! It’s just for you. Treasure it and guard it.

Why have we grown used to hiding love and sharing pain? Instead I’m ready to sing to the four winds and let it know of this LOVE (I will spare you the details, wink!). It is a divine gift and I would dishonor it if I drowned it in silence. I would be choking myself by not allowing my free expression and I also want my silky smooth throat back.

I won’t hide in the shadows of social media. Correction: In a relationship, which shall remain vague and unconfirmed since he does not use Facebook. Maybe one day he’ll be a fan too. ; )

When silence speaks loudly, I speak up!! Maybe sing a song too. It’s gratitude overflowing.

Love. Light. Laughter.



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