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Date Published: May 5, 2013

I can hear the rain before I see it. I put my book down on the table in front of me. My ears tell me it’s coming down on trees in the distance. In anticipation, my eyes focus on the space between the palm trees and the branches. A few seconds later, it arrives.

The tin roof of my tambo starts tapping and a smooth wave of sound takes over the Amazonian canopy. The insects quiet their symphony to honor the water blessing everything. Drops bounce off the palms leaves to my right and a puddle of mud ripples in delight.

My nose fills with the aromas of the Peruvian jungle. Earthy grounding smells swirl around me. A few dry leaves take flight, gliding peacefully from the tree top, to reunite with mother Earth.

The rain slows down and a brave cricket begins his solo, soon joined in by his neighbors. The damp foliage turns bright green as a ray of sun finds its way to nurture them. A few more thumps on my tambo resonate through my body. Water trickles down all around my netted home.

An unexpected breeze comes through and the jungle sways in unison. An orange butterfly with black dots flutters right in front of me… my heart feels light and airy. My eyes follow it until I lose it in the greenery.

Rain. rain. Come again!

Love, light, and laughter!


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