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Date Published: January 28, 2016

It got too complicated at times. OMG, yes it has been a tough life!!! From the outside it has been easy yet I have suffered deeply from being extremely sensitive to emotions in others and within.

My constant and ever-expanding desire to remove limitations and receive the full gift of life are clear reflections that I can’t take duality anymore. I won’t have it. I will NOT live less than a life of Love, Creation and Abundance.

I am grateful for this “tantrum”. For this deep calling to explore beyond the apparent. I have found my purpose with tremendous clarity: Through my joy and playfulness I desire to share and inspire people to unwrap the gift they are for the World.

I know that my outer environment is a reflexion of my inner World. So I am creating a Life I LOVE. It is my responsibility to shift it with awareness.

A few years ago my kids expressed their anger that my weekly evening event was taking me away from them. Even if it wasn’t that long it was hurting them, probably a reflexion of my inner wounds. Voices in my head from my family and ex stirred within clutching my gut and paralyzing me. “You can’t be a good mom and a business woman!” Yes. Another false belief removed.

Then a lightning bolt hit me. What if my job was to teach adults AND kids how to BE instead of wait to heal them? Then my work would bring me closer to my children and I could gift them the fruit of my vast explorations in consciousness.

I now realize that Menafesting has been the manifesting of Mena, the One that can pursue her Heart’s desire. I am ready. A new phase is starting. I have created so many things and they want to be shared!!!

Thank you alarm clock. I’m excited to Live this Now.

Love, Light and Laughter


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