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Date Published: August 31, 2013

How do we traditionally feel about others’ success? Since we are often in a competition mindset, seeing another person ‘win’ means we loose. If that’s guiding us, how can we be cheerleaders for each other!?

What are we forgetting?

We have unique skills. Each one of us comes with gifts… when we uncover them, they allow us to flow and we find a space where we can share our insights. I believe that many times we find them through our greatest challenges. That’s where we go so deep into painful emotions that we have a true understanding; we can then bring light in a very special way. All of us form a part of a large puzzle, with particular insight into one aspect. We are all equally blessed, it’s just a matter of recognizing it.

This Universe is infinite. If I am more abundant, I am NOT taking resources away from someone else. What? Yes. This is true. I’m talking about authentic success: it’s expansive. You’re right that when we exploit there isn’t a fair energetic exchange (ex: underpaying employees, greedy corporations, slavery, etc). Also, the more abundant we are, the more power we have to spread our light.

Jealously can guide us. When we feel jealous, we can decide to instantly recognize that that person has attributes that we wish to awaken within ourselves. Instead of feeling negative emotions, we can open up to that person in gratitude for showing us a template of how to do that. Every person I meet is my teacher and I keep learning everyday from everyone.

I wish you the best life knowing you deserve it. Truly. If you can have the most amazing life, I can have it too. Love. Joy. Abundance. Peace. Passion. Wonder. Success. What ever you wish for. Shine your light with humility and joy. Your success reminds me of what’s possible. Thank you!

Love, light and laughter!


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